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Web Sniper is an intelligent white hat autonomous SEO utility which allows webmasters to sample
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4 July 2013

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This tool helps with the development of back-links for SEO purposes.

This is an intelligent tool for carrying out search engine optimization. The search engines are a source of free traffic for anyone looking for traffic to his/her site. The way this works is that for a given keyword, search engines list results and people searching for information look at these results to decide which site to go to. Thus usually it is the first page or the top ten results which are important. Very few people go beyond the first page to find what they were searching for. Thus it is absolutely important to get listed as high as possible. Another thing that helps to push up the rankings in the search engines are the amount of other sites linking back to your site. If you site is very authoritative, this may happen naturally. Many other sites will cite the content of your site.

However to create a similar situation for most common sites, which may not be that outstanding is to leave some comments at other sites with a link that points back to your site. This will look like other sites referring to your site. This tool helps create such comments at other sites. It all starts with finding relevant sites for a given keyword. If these have comments fields for blog posts, questions or any other input that can be left by a visitor, you could attempt to leave such text content with links back to you. This tool also helps to create registration accounts, if required by the target site. This tool helps manage user id and password for such sites. It also will help create the comments, randomize them for use at different sites, etc. It is simple to use. This is quite a good tool, if you have a need.

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Web Sniper is an intelligent white hat autonomous SEO utility which allows webmasters to sample the internet for specific niches by searching for relevant articles and using inputs available to build up a portfolio of back links.
The benefit of acquiring back links from intelligent autonomous posting in specific niches is that you will boost the page rank for your websites. In turn this will result in higher search engine rankings and thereafter much web traffic.
Web Sniper
Web Sniper
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